escrocherii pe net

Pfoaaaa, sunt sigura ca asta-i roman!
Da’ sa va zic despre ce e vorba.
Sora-mea tre’ sa se mute, gravida fiind si avand nevoie de spatiu mai mult, mai ales ca vine si maica-mea si sta la ea. Asa ca nu m-am dezabonat de la newsletterul unui site de imobiliare dupa ce am gasit apartamentul asta, ci am continuat sa scanez ofertele pentru ea.
Una dintre oferte suna absolut bestial: un apartament intr-unul dintre cele mai misto cartiere din Nurnberg, super-misto mobilat, cu doar 500 euro. Am dat si eu click cum ca sunt interesata, si am primit urmatorul raspuns :

Peter Morgan <> 

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I just read your message regarding my apartment.
Sorry if my answer comes quite late, but your email arrived in my spam folder, and I couldn’t see it until now.
I bought this apartment for my daughter during her studies in Germany, but now she’s back home permanently, so I’m renting the place for unlimited time.
The flat is fully furnished and renovated, exactly like in the photos.
You can use my furniture, or you can also use your own if you prefer. If you decide to use yours, you will have access to a large and well ventilated cellar, where you can store my furniture.
Also, very important, the utilities (cold/hot water, electricity, wireless broadband Internet, digital TV, 2 parking spots in garage, air conditioning, dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.) are included in the price of 500 EUR/month. The kaution is also EUR 500,00, and you get it back, when you decide to leave the apartment (you will have to give me at least 30 days notice). As for me, you can rest assured that I will never ask you to leave the apartment.
Before we go any further I would like to know how many persons you intend to share the flat with, and for how long.
Now, a little bit about myself: My name is Peter Morgan and I’m a 58 years old graphic designer from Birmingham, planning to retire in the next 2 years.
I have a lovely wife, Christine and a 25 year old daughter, Linda. I am very proud to say that soon I’m going to be a grandfather :).
Another member of our family is a six year old Labrador Retriever which we all love, so, since I’m a pet owner myself, I will have no problem if you want to keep a pet in the house.
The only inconvenience is that my job doesn’t allow me to leave Birmingham even for one single day. We just hired some new staff and I’m in charge of their training, so my schedule is pretty hectic right now.
But this won’t affect the rental at all. I can make arrangements to rent the apartment from Birmingham (on my expense of course).

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

All the best from Britain!

Peter Morgan
Graphic Design Dept. Manager
47, Woodthorpe Road
Birmingham, B14 6EE

Super-incantata, am dat un mail de raspuns, in care imi manifestam din nou interesul neabatut de la scopul inchirierii apartamentului.
Deja ma gandeam ca ne-am putea muta noi acolo, sa o lasam pe sor-mea in apartamentul asta, si toata lumea ar fi fost fericita.
Dupa ce am dat mailul, mi-am adus aminte ca eu sunt din nastere paranoica, asa ca ar fi bine sa gugalesc un pic.
Si-am gasit o gramada de referinte la apartamentele pe care pretinde tipul ca le inchiriaza, totul fiind un scam. Si nu „inchiriaza” doar in Nurnberg, ci si peste tot in Germania.
La misto, si in speranta ca va trimite ceva informatii mai consistente ca sa il pot da pe mana politiei, i-am zis ca am incercat sa il contactez telefonic si ca nu-i merge tel. Probabil ca nu l-a scris corect, dar nu-i nimic, eu sunt in continuare foarte interesata de apartament.

Mi-a raspuns din nou:

rental procedure

Peter Morgan <> 

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passport.jpg (183KB)  View Image


Thank you for your reply.
After analyzing all the applications together with my wife we decided that you would be suitable to rent the apartment.
As I said, the total price which you’ll have to pay for one month of rent (warm miete) will be €500, no additional costs.
The rent will be paid monthly, directly to my British bank account.
In order to view the flat and settle a deal, you will need the keys, and the contract .
Since I am unable to come to Germany personally, and my daughter is already back here, I’ve hired a major real estate agency from Birmingham, specialized in international rentals, to represent me.
They are called B&G Rentals Europe Ltd, and their website is:
This agency will handle the delivery of the keys, the inspection of the flat and also the payment .
Here’s how it works :
1 – To start this transaction, I need your full name, address and telephone number. I will also need to know the rental period so I can put it in the contract.
2 – I will go to the B&G Rentals office to drop off the keys and documents of the house, along with the contract
3 – B&G Rentals will check the documents to make sure I am the actual owner of the flat, then, they will send you an invoice (rechnung).
4 – At this point you’ll have to pay the kaution (500 EURO) as a security deposit to B&G Rentals, according to the instructions from the invoice.
This will be a guarantee that they don’t send an agent all the way to Germany for a joke. The deposit will be just a formality, and it will not commit you to renting the flat.
The money will remain in the custody of B&G Rentals until you have checked the flat and confirmed that everything is ok.
5 – After you pay the deposit, and send them the details, B&G Rentals will send an agent to Germany in the next 24-48 hours (Monday to Friday) to meet you and help you inspect the flat. .
You can also decide which date and time will fit your schedule best for the inspection.
7 – If you will be satisfied with the flat, you will sign a copy of the contract and pay the first month of rent to the agent. (the following rents will be paid directly to my account)
However, if you are not pleased with the apartment for any reason, the B&G Rentals agent will give you the money back on the spot, and I will get my keys and documents back.
I will pay for the services of the agency, so there will be no extra costs for you.
Also, in case you have another apartment right now, and you cannot move out immediately, we can make the deal as I explained it now, and consider it only an inspection and reservation. You will move in when you are ready and pay the first rent then.
If you want to begin, please give me the details which I requested above, so I can make the arrangements.
I have attached a copy of my passport to this email as a sign of good faith.
I am waiting for your quick response, because there are several others interested in the apartment, and I need to know if I can count on a deal with you.

Best greetings!

Peter Morgan
Graphic Design Dept. Manager
47, Woodthorpe Road
Birmingham, B14 6EE

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Acelasi text cu mici variante, exista pe toate site-urile de imobiliare din Germania. Uneori fiica-sa s-a intors acasa, alteori l-a parasit nevasta, ba mai nou am inteles ca isi asuma si identitatea unor tipe.

Oricum n-as fi trimis bani asa, d-ampulea, dar ma minunam doar de gradul de rafinament la care au ajuns escrocii pe net. Eu banuiesc ca-i roman :))

Suma este prea mica pentru ca politia sa se sesizeze, plus ca nu mi-i fura el din cont, ii trimit eu daca pun botul la vrajeala lui. Deci nu prea am ce sa reclam, desi tare as face-o.

4 responses to “escrocherii pe net

  1. Tare convingator e tipul. Pacat ca nu se vede si poza 😉 N-as fi asa sigura ca numai romanii sunt in stare de asa ceva. Sa nu ne culpabilizam singuri degeaba, zic 🙂

    • sigur ca nu doar romanii sunt in stare, insa engleza este prea buna ca sa fie facut scam-ul de un englez de nivel mediu. nemtii care vorbesc nivelul asta de engleza, n-au nevoie sa fure pe net. romanii in schimb, se stie ca vorbesc foarte bine limbi straine si sunt si foarte inventivi :))

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