my temple of love

Mi-e lene sa traduc ce-am zis pe FB, asa ca dau copy-paste aici, fiindca trebuie sa vedeti filmuletul de mai jos. Mai ales voi, barbatii care cred ca dupa ce naste, o femeie tre’ sa arate ca-n filme. Si mai ales voi, mamelor care aveti complexe din cauza burtilor lasate atunci cand vedeti strazile pline de pitzipoance cu sclipici in buric.

I do love my body for carrying my babies!
For being able to give them warmth, and feed them, and for making me feel like I was wrapped around these little miraculous pearls.
I’m wearing the pregnancy marks and my C-sections, because I’m a mom. And my kids love to curl with their heads on my belly. My not-as-hot -and -as-hard-as-it-used-to-be belly.
I will probably keep trying to make it look as close as I can to what it used to be (I might never succeed, considering my new-found laziness and my addiction to chocolate:) but I’m OK with carrying these marks for ever. They’re the proof I can love someone more (oh, and so much more!) than I love myself.
My body is my temple. My temple of love.


2 responses to “my temple of love

  1. Dap. Totusi, ne limitam la putina celulita, vergeturi, cateva kilograme in plus si cicatrici. Si sani care nu mai sunt asa de fermi ca inainte. Totusi, exista si no-go-uri: meniul puradelului din ultimele 3 zile pe tricoul mamei, 30 de kile in plus si hainele de dinainte de cele 30 de kile inca in uz.
    Ciocolata? Parca mai am ceva prin frigider 😀

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